Journal Publications:

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Conference Papers


  1. Emmanuel Nna, Tracey Bailey & Ibtisam Tothill (2013). Allelic Variants of KLK2 Gene predict presence of prostate cancer at biopsy. Presented at the 8th African Society for Human Genetics held at Accra Ghana.
  2. Ijeoma Uzoma & Emmanuel Nna (2013). Detection of BCR-ABL1 in the saliva of CML patients. Presented at the 8th African Society for Human Genetics held at Accra Ghana.
  3. C Obiorah, Emmanuel Nna, Jonathan Madukwe & I Sunday (2012). Protein expression of TP53 and Ki67 in some Nigerian triple negative invasive ductal breast cancers. Histopathology 61 p 164. Impact Factor 3.45.  Presented at the 29th Congress of the International Academy of Pathology.


  1. Emmanuel Nna, C Obiorah, I Uzoma, J Madukwe, E Egbujo, C Okoli, G Echejoh, A Yahaya & J Adisa (2012). Gene expression of Aurora Kinases in prostate cancer tissue of some Nigerians. Histopathology 61 p 164. Impact Factor 3.45. Presented at the 29th Congress of the International Academy of Pathology, USA.


  1. Emmanuel Nna, Gareth Gerrard, David Stevens, Jamshid Sorouri Khorashad & Letizia Foroni (2009).  Preliminary Assessment of a multiplex Real Time PCR Assay for the Quantitation of BCR-ABL1 in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

Presented at the 7th International Cancer Conference, AORTIC, Dares Salaam  Tannzania.


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